YouTube Will Soon Pass Facebook as Second Largest U.S. Website

A new study shows that in the competition to be the largest website in the U.S., Facebook might be overtaken in the second spot by YouTube over the next few months, said a market research firm that just carried out a study.

The five top websites for receiving traffic in the United States over the past several years are Google, followed by Facebook, YouTube, Yahoo and Amazon. However, a big decline has been suffered by Facebook in the number of monthly page visits. Although there has been growth in the traffic on Facebook’s app, it has not been sufficient to offset that loss, showed the study.

Last month, Facebook dropped in the market after reporting that its number of active daily users was flat across North America during the second quarter and had dropped across Europe.

However, the social media giant has Instagram and WhatsApp that it also is able to depend upon. One analyst said that was down as a website, but the company looks at itself as a “portfolio of products.”

Alphabet, the parent company of Google, owns YouTube, which has seen an increase in its traffic. The app also has experienced an upswing in viewership.

It is also expected that Yahoo would lose the position it holds in the ranking. Amazon already has surpassed Yahoo during the months of big spending, including December of 2017 and last month, when the giant of e-commerce held its Prime Day.

The new study projects Amazon will leapfrog Yahoo in the rankings within the next two or three months. However, Google is far and away the No. 1 with none of the other four even close. Although some decline has been seen n Google’s website traffic due to app usage and voice searches, last month it saw over 15 billion visits.

The report said that the four others in the top five did not even approach 5 billion visits.

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