Yahoo Messenger To Stop Working After July 17, 2018

The long-lived messaging service Yahoo Messenger operated by Oath, the subsidiary of telecommunications giants; Verizon will stop working after July 17, 2018. The announcement in its regard was made by Oath recently. In its statement, Yahoo said that the messenger service will stop working next month; however, until then, the service will operate normally.

But after July 17, users will have no access to the chats and the service. According to the company, at present, there is no replacement product available for Yahoo Messenger. However, the company is constantly experimenting new services and apps. And one of the outcomes of this process is the invite-only group messaging app in a beta form called, “Yahoo Squirrel. With the shutting down of Yahoo Messenger, an era will come to an end similar to AOL Instant Messenger, the most prolific messaging services that stopped working in December last year.

Users Can Download Chat History For Next Six Months

Although Yahoo Messenger is to stop working in July, the users will be able to download their chat history to their mobile device or personal computer for the next six months. It will enable the users to save their important chats on their personal devices. According to Yahoo,“
“As the communications landscape continues to change over, we’re focusing on building and introducing new, exciting communications tools that better fit consumer needs.”

But experts believe that the company decided to shut down the app owing to stiff competition from newer apps like Snapchat, WeChat, and WhatsApp from Facebook. Yahoo Messenger debuted in 1998 as “Yahoo Pager” in the form of replacement to short message service (SMS) on basic mobile devices and emails. It was a major hit at that time and popularized the “over the top” messaging idea. Over the years Yahoo had moderate success with the messenger app on the mobile devices and as of now is ranked 160 on iOS and 117 on Android in the social networking category.

The company did try to come out with new building messaging products however it did not receive much success.

Oath & Verizon Moving Towards Major Shift

Apart from shutting down Yahoo Messenger, many other changes are expected to take place in the management body of Oath and its owner Verizon. According to reports, the company is poised for a major organizational and strategic shift. As per the recent announcement, the current CEO of Verizon, Lowel McAdam is to step down soon and will be replaced by the ex-CEO of Ericsson, Hans Vestberg. Currently, Vestberg is the CTO of Verizon. Similarly, Oath made a major change in its leadership by appointing Natalie Ravitz as the head of its communications department recently.

Verizon is also planning an overhaul in its big video and content by the end of 2018 and shutting down Yahoo Messenger can be one of the parts of the big plan.

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