Walmart Wants to Eliminate Lines at Cash Registers

During the upcoming holiday shopping season, shoppers at Walmart will be able to use a digital map to locate a television or toy they are seeking, and then purchase it right at the aisle where it was found.

Beginning Thursday November 1, shoppers will be able to skip cash registers and use a credit card to purchase items in the busiest sections of the store. Employees working there will take the payment then hand the customer a receipt.

Shoppers will also not need to wander around in circles trying to find a gaming console, smart speaker or sweater they want. By the early part of November, they will be able to visit any of the more than 4,700 Walmart locations, click on the app of the retailer, and find the location of any item they have on their holiday shopping list.

The holiday shopping season is the most important part of the year for those in the retail industry. Stores are battling for every customer by attempting to make the shopping experience simple, quick and convenient.

One important service that needs to be right is checkout, said one retail strategist. A Walmart spokesperson expanded on that saying that the company wants it always to be fast, easy and convenient for their shopper.

Stores such as Walmart and Target have also taken on Amazon the e-commerce behemoth by leveraging their nationwide networks of stores which is an asset that the online giant is lacking.

Walmart is going to host 190,000 events that range from demonstrations of toys to photo shoots with Santa, beginning November 3 and ending Christmas Eve.

This is the first holiday shopping season in decades that will not include Toys R Us and the largest toy seller, Walmart, announced previously that it would have larger aisles for toys in certain stores and sell 40% more toys at its online site

The huge retailer has also been making upgrades as well as other changes the last few months and hopes they will appeal to the buyer, including offering more brands considered “premium” through a partnership reached with Lord & Taylor.

At space is dedicated to bargains during the shopping season, as well as with gift guides and offerings that are holiday related in its hubs online focused on items for the home and clothing.

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