Walmart To Use Nvidia’s Chips In Its Data Centers

According to Global Equities Research, Walmart will turn to using more Nvidia chips in the future as it builds data centers which will be based on the cloud. This will see Walmart join other providers of cloud computing in using GPUs or graphical processing units in machine learning. Graphical processing units are preferred to general purpose chips with regards to analyzing data sets that are huge.

In a client note Trip Chowdhry, an analyst with Global Equities Research, has said that Walmart will delve into neural networks where it will use chips from Nvidia. With deep neural networks, one of the subsets of artificial intelligence, computing systems mimics the learning process of human brains.

GPU farm

The Global Equities Research analyst further says that the size of the GPU farm which Walmart is putting up will be approximately a tenth of Amazon’s GPU cloud.

“Walmart’s NVDA GPU Farm will be about 1/10 th the size of AMZN-AWS GPU Cloud, which is huge!! Walmart NVDA GPU Clusters will run Ubuntu Linux and not Red Hat Linux,” wrote Chowdhry.

According to Chowdhry the software developers working at Walmart should not be underestimated since they were on par with similar professionals working at Facebook or Google.

With Amazon posing a threat to Walmart’s retail business, the retail giant that was founded by Sam Walton is not keen on using cloud computing services provided by Amazon for its computing needs. It is also why the giant retailer developed its proprietary OneOps cloud and also made the core technology of OneOps available for use by other companies. Walmart’s plans to stop using Amazon Web Services had been announced earlier in the year.

Open source technology

Other retailers that are pulling their IT budgets away from Amazon Web Services include Target. After the completion of Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods Market at a price of $13.7 billion, reports emerged indicating that Target had announced plans to reduce its dependence on Amazon Web Services. A spokesperson for Target revealed that the retailer had been using and would continue to use various providers of cloud computing services.

Besides Nvidia other technology firms which are likely to benefit from the move by Walmart to shift away from Amazon Web Services include Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure. Walmart also makes use of OpenStack-based cloud computing technology. Other retailers that use the open source technology include eBay and The Gap. Payments platform PayPal also uses the open source technology.

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