Verizon 5G Broadband for Home to Launch on October 1

Over the past two years hype about 5G has been going strong, but wireless companies continue promising that launch date are just months away. However, it now appears that a launch date is just around the corner for Verizon.

The largest wireless company in the U.S. is in a big rush to be the first to offer 5G at home. The company through a YouTube video has announced that fixed 5G home broadband will be available on October 1 in selected cities.

The service, which carries a monthly cost of $50 for Verizon customers and $70 for others, will deliver speeds of home internet from 300 Mbps to 1 Gbps. That achievement, getting that type of speed without a fiber or coaxial cable is a huge breakthrough, but one should realize this is just the start to 5G and much more is yet to come.

Verizon’s home broadband is not 5G in the strict sense of the word. A technical specification has been agreed upon worldwide for how the 5G networks are to operate. Since just recently those specifications were finalized, Verizon will not use them for its new home 5G, it will instead use a proprietary standard and just the Verizon equipment is able to send and or receive the signal.

The sole reason that it is being called 5G is due to it using millimeter-wave spectrum that is one of the characteristics that define the upcoming 5G networks to be run nationwide.

With that in mind, the announcement by Verizon still remains an important one. Following years of just pure hype, customers in Los Angeles, Sacramento, Indianapolis and Houston will be able to register for the new service beginning Thursday.

Verizon will have a website where addresses can be entered to see if coverage will be in the area. Although several companies have trailed similar offers for many years, this is a first in which a service provider will open up registration for the public.

Verizon said that no data cap will be on the service, which is likely the best news of all. Some people suggested that a shift to home internet on a wireless basis would see the service providers take the opportunity to add in data caps to their home broadband, but it appears that Verizon is staying away from that at the moment.

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