United Raising Prices for Checked Bags

The price of checking bags with United Airlines is now more expensive. As of Friday, the first checked bag on United flights has increased from $25 to $30, for flights in North and Central America as well as the Caribbean. The second bag checked increased from $35 to $40.

The airline added that its passengers that have the airline’s loyalty program MileagePlus Premier and those passengers that buy a ticket with a credit card that is MileagePlus eligible will continue receiving free checked luggage.

Earlier in the week, JetBlue announced a hike in its prices for check luggage at a rate of $5 more per bag. WestJet and Air Canada have also increased the price of checked luggage by similar amounts.

United’s biggest rivals, such as American Airlines and Delta Air Lines, currently for the first checked piece of luggage charge $25 and the second bag on several of their routes costs $35.

Messages were left for American as well as Delta to comment about whether the two would follow suit with United and increase prices for their checked bag, but both declined to comment.

This increase in price comes during a time when air carriers are grappling with a rise in both labor and fuel costs.

IATA or the International Air Transport Association, which is a global group in the industry, has slashed forecasts for profits in the worldwide industry during 2018 by over 12%.

However, airlines are recovering those costs of higher fuel and labor by using ancillary fees, such as picking what seat and checking bags.

During 2017, airlines based in the U.S. collected over $4.6 billion in fees for checked baggage.

United posted earnings for the second quarter that ended better than had been expected. Shares of United have increased by 27% since the start of 2018, after suffering through a controversial year in 2017.

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