Switched Ethernet Service Of AT&T Now Available In IBX Data Centers Of Equinix

Equinix and AT&T have expanded their relationship with a view to ensuring the Switched Ethernet Service of AT&T is made available to business organizations using the data centers of the former. This will ensure that businesses can easily add as well as scale bandwidth and connectivity based on their needs in real time.

“AT&T’s network expansion is coming at the right time for our customers. As businesses are increasingly adopting the cloud, we are providing customers with the agility, connectivity and interconnection opportunities they need to compete and grow their businesses on a global scale,” Equinix’s president for innovation, services and strategy, Charles Meyers, said.

AT&T Business

Currently over 90% of the customers of AT&T Business have adopted cloud computing in one way or the way. Some businesses have subscribed to the services of various cloud providers and they thus need highly-secure and fast connectivity between the different service providers and the expansion will allow customers of AT&T to leverage Equinix’s extensive cloud density and facilities.

This is not the first time that AT&T and Equinix are partnering. Since 2014 AT&T has been a reseller of the colocation infrastructure of Equinix. And at the IBX data centers of Equinix, the Switched Ethernet Service of AT&T has been available in various metro areas including Silicon Valley, Miami, Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago and Atlanta.

Merger lawsuit

The expansion of the relationship between Equinix and AT&T coincides with fresh developments in the lawsuit by the U.S. Department of Justice seeking to prevent AT&T from acquiring Time Warner. The judge hearing the suit has ordered the DoJ to get permission first before allowing Time Warner and AT&T access to the pricing data of their rivals. The order by Judge Richard Leon now requires the Department of Justice, which is in possession of the data, to seek consent from the firms that provided the data before it can allow the legal team of Time Warner and AT&T access to it.

Last year in November the Department of Justice sued to prevent the No. 2 wireless carrier in the United States, AT&T, from acquiring Time Warner at a price of $85 billion. The DoJ claimed that there were concerns that a merger would result in the raising of prices for subscribers of pay television and rivals. Additionally the merger was also seen as a threat to online video development. The reason why AT&T is seeking to be allowed access to the data is to prove that previous mergers and acquisitions did not cause the hiking of content prices.

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