Sephora To Deploy Salesforce’s Service Cloud And Commerce Cloud In Europe

Retail cosmetics company Sephora is deploying the Service Cloud and Commerce Cloud products of Salesforce in Europe with a view to accelerating growth as well as delivering intelligent shopping journeys that are more personalized on any device or channel.

“By advancing our digital strategy with Salesforce, we’re putting the right platform in place to continue delivering the groundbreaking and personalized beauty tools our customers want,” said the chief information officer of Sephora Europe & Middle East, Pierrette Frey.

Commerce Cloud

Using Commerce Cloud shoppers in Europe will be in a position to get unique recommendations, offers and content based on such information as geographic region, cosmetic and makeup preferences, skin type and past purchases. Service Cloud will on the other hand enable the cosmetics retailer to offer shoppers service experiences that are more connected and personalized across every touchpoint and channel.

So far Sephora has activated Service Cloud and Commerce Cloud in Denmark and Sweden. In the coming months the new digital customer shopping experiences will be rolled out across Europe and this will begin with Poland, France, Germany and Portugal.

Financial results

The deployment of Service Cloud and Commerce Cloud by Sephora comes a little over a week since Salesforce release its financial results for the fourth quarter and the full-year. Revenues in Q4 beat estimates to reach a figure of $2.85 billion which was an increase of 24% year-on-year. For the full year revenues came in at $10.48 billion and this was an increase of 25%. Gross profit on the other hand came in at $7.7 billion. While Salesforce expects growth to continue, the CRM firm indicated that it would slow slightly. In 2019 revenue is expected to come in between $12.60 billion and $12.65 billion.

During the reported period unbilled deferred revenue rose by 48% to reach a figure of $13.3 billion. In a similar period last year the percentage increase of this figure was 27%. According to executives this was an indication that clients were signing up for deals that were bigger and which lasted longer. As an example Salesforce had in one year doubled the number of relationships worth $20 million.

With regards to the different products of the CRM company, Sales Cloud turned in the best performance as it hit $3.7 billion in annual run rate. Service Cloud’s annual run rate was $3.1 billion while that of ‘Platform and Other’ was $2.1 billion. Commerce and Marketing Cloud on the other hand clocked close to $1.6 billion

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