Qatar Armed Forces Partners With Boeing To Update Its Logistics And Business Systems

Boeing recently announced that through its subsidiary Tapestry Solutions, it will help implement advanced Enterprise Resource Planning system for the Qatar Armed Forces (QAF) to optimally maximize its troops’ readiness on land, air and sea. The agreement will run for five years and will cover all the necessary maintenance support to sustain the army’s logistics and business systems.

Tapestry Solutions is renowned for its excellent delivery of multiple logistics and business systems for numerous markets including the international defence, governments, aerospace, and commercial sectors. The company has also partnered with Oracle and Accenture, and Qatar’s Mannai Corporation to provide various ERP/LMIS solution and other services that will be implemented by Oracle’s staff, finance and procurement capabilities.

According to Robin Wright, president and CEO of Tapestry Solutions, the company is proud to partner the QAF and to provide the world-class enterprise software suite for the QAF and will support the system from its adoption and sustain it using the modernized efforts. The latest contract award reveals the Boeing’s commitment to expanding its products and services across the globe.

Meanwhile, Turkey’s leading defense companies have signed contracts with Qatari officials to deliver core products including the drones, armored vehicles and others for Qatar’s Armed Forces. BaykarMakina one of the leading Turkish unmanned aircraft producer signed an agreement with QAF this week to supply it with armed unmanned aerial vehicles. Also, other leading automotive firms will supply a total of 85 armored vehicles to QAF, according to the firm’s chairperson.

Tapestry Solutions has a platform, GOLDesp that provides corporate companies with integrated supply, maintenance and logistics capabilities for multifaceted assets for land, air, sea and space environments. In addition, the company also provides aftermarket logistics services to its customers on five continents covering the militaries, defense contractors, OEMs, and commercial aviation firms.

The company strives to leverage its deep domain experience for its customers across the globe and has a span of experience in delivering up-to date software products and service in the US and allied forces that has enhanced defense force effectiveness, renovated information technology processes, and drastically cuts down costs for organizations, according to RonIsom, Sales Manager at Tapestry Solutions.

Boeing Global Services is a leading company in providing integrated services capabilities for the government, space and commercial sectors into a special customer-oriented business.

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