Oracle To Hire 5,000 Workers As Rivalry With Salesforce Heats Up

Oracle has announced that it is recruiting 5000 people to its cloud-based services and products division. The new hires will include sales and support staff, consultants and engineers. Oracle has dubbed its cloud business as the fastest growing in the world.

“We’re hiring experienced sales and engineering professionals eager to contribute to Oracle’s cloud growth and champion our products. We are also recruiting high-performing recent college graduates and offering them a world-class training program,” said Oracle’s human resources executive vice president, Joyce Westerdahl.

Cloud-based services

In recent years Oracle has made services based on the cloud its top priority. After facing an onslaught from competitors such as IBM and Salesforce Oracle has expanded into infrastructure, platform and software based on the cloud. In its most recent quarterly results the enterprise software maker reported that cloud sales increased by 58% from a similar period a year ago to reach a figure of $1.4 billion. Sales in the entire fiscal year increased by 60% to reach a figure of $4.6 billion.

Already Oracle has hired 1,500 cloud developers and 2,650 cloud sales personnel this year in the U.S. Oracle would not however say whether the hiring spree was a response to the waves made by Salesforce in the recent past. The two firms have a fierce rivalry with regards to cloud-based software business. The chief executive officer of Salesforce, Marc Benioff, was once an employee of oracle and it is understood that Oracle’s co-founder, executive chairman and chief technology officer, Larry Ellison, does not take kindly to being outsmarted by rivals especially when that rival is an ex-employee.

Towering above the competition

Another reason that is being put forward to explain Oracle’s announcement is that the enterprise software maker is trying to shift attention away from Salesforce following the recent completion of the Salesforce Tower located in San Francisco and which is now the tallest building across the Bay eclipsing even the Oracle Arena.

Two months ago during a conference call with analysts and investors Ellison said that Oracle had made over $2 billion in cloud sales with most of it being recurring revenue. He then warned that the company was on the way to beat Salesforce especially in the SaaS category. Last week however Salesforce’s quarterly results beat the expectation and estimates of analysts. Benioff also indicated that Salesforce was on track to reach $10 billion in revenues from the cloud in this fiscal year. This is the same target that Oracle has.

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