Online Shopping Rules the Biggest Shopping Weekend of the Year

Thanksgiving has come and gone and thus begins the biggest shopping season of the year.  Traditionally, of course, the day after Thanksgiving—which has come to be known as Black Friday—has earned its spot as the most productive shopping day of the entire year.  In fact some stores do more sales on this day (or this weekend) than entire quarters of the year in terms of sales.

Over time, other little shopping holidays have emerged, too.  With the advent of online shopping, for one, the Monday after Thanksgiving is now reserved for “Cyber Monday” which is supposed to be the online equivalent of Black Friday.

This year, however, Black Friday saw a marked increase in online activity.  In fact, the online sales started on Thursday, and since people have to their families to go to the store, retailers were able to increase sales without even opening their doors.

Perhaps even more circuitous, smartphone sales led the charge this year, which means that bargain hunters not only could stay with their families for a longer stretch of Turkey Day, but they wouldn’t even have to leave their seat at the dining room table!

As a matter of fact, online sales for the biggest shopping weekend of the year have been so massive, retail site traffic is up nearly 10 percent over last year, registering more than 54 percent of all Thanksgiving Day sales, this year.  More importantly, though, online sales constituted 36.7 percent of all retail sales this year, which is also up about 8 percent.

Looking at the remaining days of the American shopping holiday weekend, Adobe Analytics—who tracks most US online retailer transactions—expects smartphone use to explode.  Shoppers had already performed $643 million in online transactions by 10 am (EST), which is up 28 percent over last year.  In addition, analysts estimate shoppers will spend a record $3.7 billion by midnight.  That is nearly 30 percent higher than online shopping sales from last year.

Furthermore, smartphone shopping has accounted for 36.7 percent of all sales this year (so far).  That is also notably higher than the 29.1 percent of sales all smartphone shopping was responsible for last year.

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