Manager of Academy Sports Fired After Helping Catch Suspect in Store

A manager of a sporting goods store, who in June helped police nab a suspect trying to rob a weapon, was suspended then later fired by the business in Florida, said his lawyer this week.

Dean Crouch, who is 32, was at work in a Tallahassee Academy Sports store June 29 when Jason White, the robbery suspect, attempted to steal a firearm, reported a newspaper in Tallahassee, the capital of Florida.

After White attempted to flee the scene with the stolen gun, he had requested to look at; Crouch was able to detain him.

Crouch, who is the assistant manager of the Tallahassee store, was close to the incident when it occurred and heard store employees yelling for people to stop White, said Ryan Hobbs the attorney representing Crouch.

While the police were on their way, the suspect was brought to an office by those who detained him. Crouch’s attorney said that the suspect attempted to steal a .40 caliber handgun as well as ammunition.

After arriving on scene, the Tallahassee Police Department arrested White. Shortly afterwards the police department posted on their Facebook page that employees at Academy Sports had detained a man who attempted to leave the store without paying for a backpack, firearm and ammunition.

The suspect is also alleged to have stolen a pair of weapons from a local pawn shop early that same day.

Crouch’s lawyer claims that his client was put on suspension a few days after the incident for a store policy prohibiting employees from putting their hands on any customer while in the store.

On Tuesday, Crouch was fired and his attorney said that Crouch was suspended and then terminated for preventing the thief from stealing the firearm.

The attorney told a local newspaper that Academy Sports decided that rather than treat Crouch as a hero, they fired him because he has put his hands on a thief.

Crouch’s lawyer said his client is married with two young children and has had to put up their home for sale due to losing his employment.

A spokesperson for Academy Sports told the local paper that the treating of the former employee by the company complied with their policy.

She added that while no injury occurred, actions were taken that were inconsistent with policies of the company, so they were addressed with the people involved.

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