Intel Corporation Plans To Roll-Out New GPUs By 2020 To Rival AMD And Nvidia 

Intel Corporation has announced via Twitter that it will be making discrete GPUs and that they will be unveiled to the market by the year 2020. The company has been quite dodgy about releasing new GPUs for some time now.

The announcement does not really come as a surprise. Last year the chip-maker poached and hired AMD’s top Radeon designer Raja Koduri. The sole purpose of hiring Koduri was to help the company to start making better graphics cards. Barely five months after Intel hired Koduri’s former workmate, Jim Keller.

The announcement now puts Intel at the forefront in competing with AMD and Nvidia in the discrete GPUs area. Even though the company is reputed for its popular computer processors, it is not foreign to GPUs. Most of Intel’s CPUs have integrated graphics I.T meaning it has more GPUs out there than either AMD or Nvidia.

Discrete GPUs

Discrete GPUs are independent components from the CPU which enable more powerful graphics than the integrated GPUs that Intel currently uses. Both Nvidia and AMD have been leading in the discrete GPU market.

Both companies create GPUs that can enhance 3D objects and large video files with much ease. Nvidia’s or AMD’s GPUs are much better than Intel’s built-in graphics since they make discrete ones. They are popular with gamers, users working with CAD files or even people who want to make a large but good quality 4K video. 

Hence the reason why Intel had to bring in both Koduri and Keller to help the company get in the discrete GPU market. Keller might have been brought in to deal with Intel’s stagnated CPUs development. 

Integrating CPUs and GPUs

Keller was responsible for creating AMD’s Infinity Fabric which was made of a silicon substrate. This enabled AMD’s CPUs to graduate to powerful 32-core processors. At the same time, it enabled AMD to integrate its CPUs and GPUs thereby, resulting in the company’s wicked fast Ryzen 5 2400G.

Since Intel was also experimenting with the integration of CPU and GPU, it can be presumed that Keller will aid the company to develop new GPUs and integrate them with CPUs.

Whatever the case may be, Keller and Koduri will help Intel build a portfolio of graphics chips for gaming, PC users, as well as the data center’s enterprise and artificial intelligence. 

Intel’s vice president Navin Shenoy stated that the company will include GPUs for the data center aimed at AI and machine-learning applications, as well as client systems for gaming and professional development. 

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