Instagram Shopping Tags To Pop Up In Its Stories

Instagram offered users the features to look for shops through its feeds some time ago. Now, the social media channel is taking the expansion process further by making the shopping tags pop up in its Stories. According to report, the popular social networking platform tested the feature almost two years ago in 2016 with only 20 partners.

Ever since then Instagram has started broadly expanding it to its brand posts in the feed. From now onwards, if a user clicks on the small shopping bag sticker in a Story, it will automatically lead him to more details about the product or dope thing that attracted him.

 New Feature To Drive Sales For Brands 

According to Instagram, around 300 million people go through its Stories every day and these users are often interested in the brand stories to find details about the products they are interested in. The Stories feature has received an overwhelming response from the users on Instagram. So now the platform is expecting that by adding tiny stickers in the Stories, it will be able to drive sales for the brands. 

Instagram stated in its press release, “In a recent survey, Instagrammers said they often watch stories to stay in the-know with brands they’re interested in, get an insider view of products they like, and find out about new products that are relevant to them.” It means that brands and the online shoppers both are definitely going to benefit from this new feature. 

For the start, the feature will come to brands like Louis Vuitton, Aritzia, The Kooples, and Adidas and will roll out to regular users in short time.

Instagram Taking A Big Leap

Click-to-shop tag available with the feed of Instagram has been highly successful. But adding shopping tags to Stories indicates that the social media platform is trying to attract big brands and capitalize on its user base that goes through its Stories every day. Instagram is also planning to launch an exclusive long-form video series soon.

Both these features will take brand promotion on social media channels entirely on a different level. In the coming days, viewers might even find their social media star wearing a particular brand and after clicking on the link, it will take the users to the exact item within few minutes. As of now, the buy links are free for companies. 

Experts believe that Facebook can use this click-to-shop feature of Instagram to bring the products in front of the audience who do not regularly watch television. Incidentally, all the social media platforms are trying to come out with new features to keep their user-base intact. Just like Instagram, Snapchat is testing a shoppable feature Snap ads.

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