HPE Inks $5.8 Million Deal To Upgrade University Of Memphis’ Network

Over $6 million is expected to be spent network upgrades by University of Memphis. The institution’s board of trustees gave approval for a proposal put forward by the chief information officer, Robert Jackson, seeking to upgrade the wired and wireless networks of the university.

“This significant investment in our technology infrastructure supports the university’s academic and research missions and will provide an improved network experience as well as capacity for future growth,” said Jackson.

Wireless network facilities

At the moment University of Memphis and Hewlett Packard Enterprise subsidiary Aruba have an existing relationship with regards to wireless network facilities in the halls of residence. The university’s chief information officer wants the relationship continued by signing a $5.8 million deal with HPE Aruba so that the network and equipment are upgraded. An additional $710,000 will be allocated to project implementation, software and data closets.

According to Jackson the network upgrade will ensure that students, members of non-academic staff, faculty as well as guests get the best experience while at the institution. Both wireless and wired speeds are expected to be boosted by the upgrade. Additionally security and reliability will be improved while still maintaining capacity to handle future growth and emerging technology needs.

Network access points

There will be an increase in the number of network access points to 3,600 from 2,500 and this is expected to improve speed and wireless coverage. In all buildings the minimum network speed will be 10 Gbps while some selected locations will enjoy speeds of up to 40 Gbps. In the fiscal year 2020 a core upgrade will be done.

Per Jackson there will be cost savings generated by the upgrade as annual network maintenance will reduce. The network upgrade project is expected to kick off this month and completed in August.

Global server market

This comes in the wake of reports indicating that in last year’s fourth quarter Dell leapfrogged HPE with regards to global server revenues. At the same time Dell continued to beat HPE with regards to server shipments according to market research firm Gartner.

In the fourth quarter of 2017 the server market across the globe grew as shipments went up by 8.8% as overall revenues rose by 25.7%. The full year saw server revenues increase by 10.4% while server shipments increased by 3.1%. According to Gartner Dell’s share of the global server market was 19.4% in Q4 2017 while HPE’s share in the same period was 19.3%.

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