Fitbit Adds Quick Replies And Female Health Tracking To Ionic And Versa

Two new female health tracking features have been introduced by Fitbit. Some of the features had been announced earlier in the year. The features will initially be available on Windows and the iOS and will include menstrual cycle tracking. Support for Android mobile operating system will be rolled out later. Both Fitbit Ionic and Fitbit Versa will have the features.

With menstrual cycle tracking the feature will allow for the logging of menstrual data and the recording of symptoms which include cramps, acne and headaches. This will ensure women stay informed with regards to life planning and their health. The specific details can also be made available to doctors in order to receive care that is more personalized.

Dynamic cycle predictions

The menstrual cycle feature will also allow users to plan ahead as dynamic cycle predictions will be given regarding when to expect the period. The proprietary cycle algorithm of Fitbit is designed to get more accurate and smarter as the period is consistently logged. Data will be available in one place and viewing this will reveal connections that exist between the cycle as well as other stats such as weight, sleep and activity trends.

The app will also educational content and women will be able to learn more concerning fertility, ovulation, menstrual cycle as well as common misconceptions. Fitbit will also offer personalized guidance and insights. As female health metrics database grows it will be possible for women to learn how their cycle impacts nutrition, weight, sleep and activity.

Social network

Additionally through the app it will be possible for women to connect with other women and therefore get community support and share experiences on various matters revolving around menstrual cycle health.

Fitbit is also rolling out Android quick replies for both the Versa and Ionic devices. With quick replies users of Android devices will be able to pick from five responses that are pre-populated. Users will also be in a position of customizing their own replies to SMS and messaging apps that include Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. However a limit of 60 characters will apply. Besides text, users will also be able to use select emojis mostly the commonly used ones.

So far there are more than 700 apps available on Fitbit’s App Gallery. There are additions that have been developed using the software development kit of Fitbit that are planned and these include Walgreens, Sickweather, One Drop, Limeade, Go365 by Humana, Fitabase, Diplomat Pharmacy and Dexcom.

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