Facebook Marketplace To Include Daily Deals From eBay

Facebook is once again offering daily deals after partnering with eBay. This is through a new feature located in the Marketplace section of the social media giant’s mobile app. The feature allows for viewing of select daily deals from eBay. While shopping for the deals happens on Facebook’s app, users have to check out on the website of eBay via an in-app browser. However, the feature is at the moment only available to a select number of people as it is still being tested.

“We are currently running a test with a small subset of people on Facebook in the U.S. who can browse eBay’s Daily Deals on Facebook Marketplace,” said an eBay spokesperson.

Testing phase

According to Akash Anand, a product manager at Facebook, the test is being conducted to determine whether Facebook users have an interest in buying discounted items whenever they visit Marketplace. The test is being conducted on both the iOS and Android apps of Facebook.

Facebook’s Marketplace was unveiled last fall and the idea behind it was to aggregate various ‘for sale’ posts from the many ‘buy and sell’ groups in order to ensure that there was a more centralized way of searching and shopping for products from local sellers. Users are also able to list their own products for sale as well as chat with other sellers or even buyers since Marketplace is integrated with Facebook Messenger.

Popular categories

Until now Marketplace has mostly served the peer-to-peer segment and has not previously listed deals from third parties such as eBay. The deals that will be made available on Marketplace will mostly be in such categories as Home & Garden, Fashion and Consumer Electronics. Users will also be notified of how long a deal will be in existence. Also displayed are the amount of savings that every deal has. This will be in percentage terms and for users to view the actual price they have to click on the deal.

Everyday an average of about 100 new items will be posted to the deals section. It will also be possible for users to share the deals with others either through Messenger or text messages. Though eBay is the only source of deals for the time being, if it turns out successfully Facebook could choose to include deals from other players in the future.

This is not the first time Facebook is enabling commercial activities on its platform as the Shops features allows users to check out from the website of a seller while on Facebook.

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