Ericsson Picks Zixi As An Integration Partner

Zixi has been picked by Ericsson to offer additional technology capabilities which will see the former’s Receiver and Feeder technology integrated into the latter’s MediaFirst Content Processing decoder. This is with the intention of meeting media organization’s needs especially the ones that are dependent on revenues from premium content. Zixi is an industry leader with regards to enabling live video that is dependable and of broadcast-quality over the internet.

“Ericsson customers are demanding broadcast quality on every screen. We must provide effective and agile deployments that maintain content integrity. We’re delighted to partner with Zixi to provide a first-rate service for high-demand, broadcast quality IP-based delivery,” said Ericsson’s Arpad Jordan.

Reliance Communications

The deal between Zixi and Ericsson coincides with the Indian subsidiary of the Stockholm, Sweden-based communications technology firm filed insolvency petitions against India’s telecommunications giant, Reliance Communications with a view to recovering unpaid dues. Ericsson also filed insolvency petitions against two other companies owned by Reliance Communications.

In 2014 Ericsson had entered into a seven-year contract to manage and operate the nationwide network of Reliance Communications. Ericsson is demanding amounts totalling $180 million from Reliance Communications and its two subsidiaries. According to Ericsson’s filings the Stockholm, Swedish-based communications technology firm will appear before National Company Law Tribunal – India’s bankruptcy cases court on September 26.

North America operations

Zixi’s and Ericsson’s deal also coincides with the latter confirming Niklas Heuveldop as its new head for North America. Heuveldop has been holding the position temporarily since the departure of the former head for North America, Rima Qureshi, four months ago. The appointment of Heuveldop as the new head was announced by the chief executive officer and president of Ericsson, Borje Ekholm, in a statement.

Besides previously serving as the interim head for Ericsson’s North American operations, Heuveldop was also the head of emerging business and technology as well as the chief strategy officer of the communications technology company. He will continue to serve in those roles until a replacement is found.

In North America, specifically the United States and Canada, Ericsson has approximately 11,500 employees. However in a bid to spring back to profitability next year after poor earnings, Ericsson is planning to cut 25,000 job positions globally and this includes in Canada and the United States.

Ericsson’s North America headquarters are located in Texas. The communications technology giant has about 31 official sites in this region. In the recent past Ericsson has been partnering with wireless carriers in the United States such as Sprint, AT&T and Verizon in conducting 5G trials.



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