Car-Sharing Service Hui  Introduced in Hawaii by Toyota

Toyota and Servco partnered together to introduced their new car-sharing service in Hawaii. This new service started on June 10, and Toyota and its new Mobility Services Platform lead the automotive world with this system.

Toyota officials said that 70 Hui automobiles will be available for making reservations by the hour or day. More than twenty five Locations are open and easily accessible throughout Honolulu for making reservations.

Both companies bring experience and excellent technology to the table; Toyota owning the software and app side, and Servco Pacific is the “fleet” distributor.

The important part of this business for the user is having the app that allows a vehicle to be reserved, located, unlocked, and driven. The app allows for a simplified payment process.

In addition, it allows the user to create a key to start the process of reserving your vehicle, avoiding having a physical key or card. The customer has the chance to see all the available cars at a specific location.

In order to register for the service, the customer only needs to enter his or her name and a small amount of personal information and a driver´s license number. The app also asks if the customer has had any moving violations and other related questions. In order to reserve the car, the customer needs to be registered and then accepted by the system.

The car-share service includes the vehicle, insurance, and customers do not need to wash the vehicle before returning it.

The starting price is $9.95 an hour and, if you wish to have the service for a day, the service will cost $79.95. There is a monthly membership fee for having the service.

The new service offered by Hui is the first experimental worldwide service on Toyota´s new Mobility Services Platform. The Chief Product Officer of Toyota Connected North America, Powell Kinney, says that Servco is a brilliant and supportive partner and is able to make it possible for the service to be available to so many and Toyota would not be able to do this without them.

Toyota wants to be an active participant in solving traffic congestion, mobilizing people from point “A” to point “B”, and making the customer´s experience an easy, pleasant, and enjoyable one; from reserving a car until  it is left for another person to use.


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