Artificial Intelligence Workforce Startup Parlo Acquired By ServiceNow

ServiceNow has disclosed that it has reached an agreement to acquire Parlo, a Silicon Valley, California-based natural language understanding and artificial intelligence workforce solution. This will be in an all-cash deal which is expected to be concluded this month. The unique algorithms of Parlo ensure that interactions with machines are more conversational and this makes working not just faster but also more enjoyable and easier. Parlo’s technology will be added across the whole suite of services that are available on Now platform.

The acquisition is an indication that ServiceNow will continue to invest in artificial intelligence with a view to freeing employees so that they can engage in work that is more satisfying and meaningful and consequently accelerate business outcomes that are positive.

Natural Language Understanding

With regards to artificial intelligence natural language understanding is a challenging area since it involves try to understand human language nuances. When it comes to human beings they are able to understand jargon, contractions, swapped words and mispronunciations effortlessly. However in the case of machines understanding everyday conversations does not come easy and this is the hurdle that natural language understanding is seeking to overcome.

This is expected to transform machines ‘co-workers’ that are more conversational and productive. In the same way that natural language understanding and artificial intelligence are assisting in making personal and home lives smarter and easier, ServiceNow has made a commitment of ensuring that in workplaces conversational convenience is enjoyed too.

“Our technology helps machines make sense of human speech, allowing employees to use systems naturally and not forcing them to speak or think like a machine. This transaction allows our work to have a positive impact,” the chief executive officer of Parlo, Murali Subbarao, said.

Intelligent automation capabilities

Currently the intelligent automation capabilities of ServiceNow assist in improving interactions between agent-employees and customers by enabling conversations that more human-like. Additionally through intelligence agents complex actions are resolved quickly as service tickets are prioritized and filling out of forms automated. It also becomes easier and faster for customers and partners to build intelligent apps via the Now Platform.

Currently ServiceNow boasts of over 4,000 customers which it assist in automating tasks as well as workflows such as human resource processes or information technology help desk activity.

Parlo is just the most recent startup in the artificial intelligence space that has been acquired by a bigger software firm. Last week Accompany was acquired by Cisco. And last month Uru and Sayspring were acquired by Adobe.

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