Apple Is Seeking To Regain Dominance In The Education Market

Tech giant Apple has announced an event focused on the education sector slated for later this month indicating a new focus on the space after losing the lead. For some time Apple was dominant in education technology with its Mac and iPad offerings. Lately however the iPhone maker has lost market share to the lower-priced Chromebook made by Google.

In 2012 Apple’s education market share was 50% according to Future Consulting. At the time Google’s market share was about 1% as the Chromebook had just appeared. Three years later in 2015 the scene had changed greatly and Google’s market share had jumped to 50%. The latest report of Future Consulting still has Chrome OS in the lead with regards to the mobile personal computer market in the K-12 education sector with the market share being 58.3% as of last year.

Global leader

Globally however the leading operating system in the education sector is Microsoft’s Windows. The renewed focus by Apple on the education market is a sign that competition is set to increase among the tech behemoths. In the education market Apple is expected to launch cheaper products with a view to improving its share of the pie. Last year in the second quarter there was a rise in the sales of iPads after the tech giant unveiled a cheaper tablet.

Besides devices Apple has also previously developed a classwork management app for viewing lessons known as Classroom and iTunes U. Apple also has a development training initiative for apps with regards to its Swift programming language. This assists students in enhancing coding skills and consequently improving their chances in the job market. Additionally Apple has collaborated with universities with a view to creating design laboratories. The Everyone Can Code program of Apple is also getting popular among the K-12 schools in the United States.

Free iPads

An upgraded version of iPads that are focused on the education market has also been launched by Apple. The Cupertino, California-based tech giant has also partnered with schools with a view to offering the devices at no cost or at subsidized rates to students.

According to Apple the iPad Pro which was unveiled last year in June is the most effective teaching tool as it possesses the ProMotion technology. Per NPD, a market research firm, the iPad had a 46% market share in the United States with regards to tablets in last year’s December quarter. A year prior the market share was 36%.

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