Apple Eyes North Carolina For Its New Campus

Apple is reportedly considering North Carolina as a potential site for its proposed new campus. The company is currently working closely with the state government to create an incentive package for the offer. For several months, Apple has been searching for prime locations for its new corporate campus to host about 20,000 call centre employees. Apple declined to comment on the matter.

The process, which has not yet materialized, commenced early in January 2018 when Apple announced that it is planning to build a new campus for its technical support staff for its customers. Apple usually takes its ample time when selecting suitable locations for its business operations. For instance, it took the company about two years to conclude on the Maiden, N.C and Prineville, Ore sites for its data centers.

Apple had previously revealed that it plans to invest about $30 billion and hire over 20,000 workers in the country in the next five years and part of the investment goes to building a new campus that’s located away from its headquarters in Cupertino, California that is called an architectural landmark.

It’s not yet clear if the campus will be the new headquarter or just another facility to add to a dozen others that the firm has already established in various regions. Apple announced recently that it intends to build a second headquarter as part of the firm’s long-term strategy to enhance its presence in the US. Later, the company discarded both California and Texas from the list.

Other Potential Regions

Though the company is currently focused on the North Carolina’s Research Triangle Park, the company is also considering other regions. According to the latest news from The Washington Post, Apple is also eying other regions in Virginia and Washington D.C. like Crystal City and Tysons and others.

North Carolina seems to be attracting potential high tech companies basically due to the lucrative ready market and prospective workforce. More than 250 companies have developed campuses in the region such as Lenovo, Cisco, IBM and others. Amazon has also expressed its interest in investing in North Carolina.

Apple could close the deal of a new location for its new campus soon and potential site could be located near Duke University where the company CEO Tim Cook and other top Apple executives schooled. In addition, over 50% of the population has at least bachelors and there’re over 8,500 graduates annually.



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