Amazon Might Publish Toy Catalog

As the holidays approach, Amazon might have even more to offer its clients. The e-commerce behemoth, based in Seattle, Washington, may publish a toy catalog for the holiday season, filling a big void that was left following the bankruptcy and closing of Toys R Us.

Amazon has talked to The Toy Association, which is a trade group for makers of toys, about publishing a catalog. The idea has been worked on by Amazon for a while and the organizations is excited about being a part of it said the group’s CEO Steve Pasierb.

Amazon had not made any comment about the toy catalog.

In the U.S., paper catalogs have been a big tradition during the holiday, going back to when Sears Roebuck published theirs and later J.C. Penney had their own catalog. Both of those were outdone by Toys R Us’ catalog that for years was the most wanted wish book from toddlers up to teens. Target and Walmart also publish their own toy catalogs.

Due to the bankruptcy and subsequent shuttering of all Toys R Us stores, its market, including that of its catalog, are available anyone who wants to grab it.

Pasierb said that Toys R Us held approximately 14% of the toy market in the U.S. He added that it was not about consumers no supporting that category at this time, it is about where they will spend their dollars.

The advantage Amazon has is it knows where its clients live and know which ones have purchased toys. In addition, the online giant has close to 480 Whole Foods locations with an affluent customer base making for another place that catalogs can be distributed.

Amazon is now a major player when it comes to toys, although Walmart remains the top seller of toys in the U.S, said the Toy Association.

Pasierb has not looked at any catalog mockup and does not know for sure Amazon will go from a computer screen to a printed page to sell toys.

The group’s CEO added that most customers that are loyal to the e-commerce giants have an app on their computer, tablet or smartphones and items are already easy to find and look at.

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